Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"


make another one willya?

slipz10 responds:

...I am.

I like it!

It was actually pretty good. There were some animation issues, but the time you took time with look mad.

slipz10 responds:

Sorry about that it was a bit rushed. Thanks for the review.


Dude...wtf? Silencers DON'T WORK ON REVOLVERS! The gas and SOUND escape through the gap between the barrel and the cylinder. And don't say there was no gap, you need it for the cylinder to tern. Do your homework next time.

slipz10 responds:

I don't do homework. k?


There were layering issues, and I didn't like the style. Other than that, the animation was alright. 4'd.


that was good but it looked like they were haunch backs