Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"

nice its all seems alot like kai assualt ...

since the madness dudes bodys are curved other than all tht shit i said its on my favs.

good work ;)

i liked it. xpecialy the dude in the yanks hoody. overall, it waz good.

-Annihilation- SE: 8/10

That was alright for a Madness movie. I noticed that most of the weapons and their sound effects you used were from Counter-Strike, which was awesome. It could have used some more depth, though. I don't like watching just plain old violence. Most of what I saw here was just people shooting and getting killed. It would have been better to see some dodging, shields, teleports, deflections, jumps, and various other tricks and powers. Everyone else draws Madness movies of people being killed. Rise above the rest and show some cool effects. Good luck!

slipz10 responds:

Thatnks I'll use those tips in the future.

it isn't really good.

at the beginning it's a bit slow. i like the way you did it though, so it's a 8/10. :)

You ARE good

Looks like you wasn't kidding. You ARE a good animator. Can't wait for -Annihilation-2, man.

slipz10 responds:

Nah, this movie sucks. -Annihilation- II is a big step.