Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"


But a Silencer on a Magnum....just...no.

slipz10 responds:

Screw it. Next person to day that will be hunted down and slayed.


But people like the person who reviewed before me...make me lose my faith in the intelligence of humanity.

slipz10 responds:


wubb3d it

i was f**kin' AWESOME!!!!

tehdeseased u CAN put a scilenser on a revolver a special kind

slipz10 responds:

You can?

Nice flash.....

Create more videos....................and characters!!!

slipz10 responds:

I'm creating a character right now thats got gore and blood and pain and what you want

Well meh

It kept dipping between pretty good and shit, but I like it overall. Good work.

PS: You can not put a silencer on a revolver, it doesn't work.

slipz10 responds:

The amount of times people said that :\ <3