Reviews for "-Annihilation- SE"


that was okay. pretty damn choppy two. I hope the next installement will be better. sorry, but i hate kai sprites. goodluck in MN3.


ps im PlatinumX from mc.net please can you pm those maximum ninja sprites? i deserve them.

slipz10 responds:

*Sigh* I give in. I'm a nice guy so yeah, expect a PM soon. An if you hate kai, Stuffit. My friend AlphaNuva said i made kai look cool again.


doesn't have the same umph as Krinkles. In that episode I think hank had the Ninja- Zombie costume. Pay attention to the episodes.

slipz10 responds:

Wtf? I think you got the wrong movie mate.


You forgot me on except for.....

slipz10 responds:

No i didn't

lame city

Could have been so much better. nothing to see here folks. move on

slipz10 responds:

Lolk. You better regret saying that.

everyone on mc.net?

so what that means me too?


slipz10 responds: