Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

whoo, my score was 159015

it was good except the fact that you couldnt save your place. also, the stupid locked peices got really annoying


this guy down from me is the one thats flawed. i beat the with all 3 lives and happened what he said.

needs work

i like this game but its not new
besides the powerups.....I liked the graphics.. they were very well done and the music fit pretty well with game play.... the game could be better with more twists but its very fun to play.. like all the other beleweld kind of games....i agree with the guy below me....

Seriously flawed.

Yeah, this needs serious fixing. About halfway through, it starts subtracting lives even when you beat the level. Not cool.

Played it a million times...

It's not that original, I've played plenty of games like this (Be-jeweled)

It just has a slight twist. It's not a bad re-make though, I liked it.
Graphics were great and the sound was good too.