Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"


Quite interesting.
I'm still struck to Bejeweled so yeah.

Just interesting with a flimsy story-line and changing pieces.


Eh,good I guess. But tom i think your right i thiink ive seen this on a different website. I am going to go search some websites.

Its good but

I think iv seen that somewhere else, are you shore thats yours.

I agree with VikingNinjaPirate

This is nothing new at all. Bejeweled sparked some revolution of spin-offs that just seem to add nothing much to the original game. This adds a really flimsy storyline, and some power-ups that have already been done and over-used. I have no idea how this rip-off managed to make Daily Top 5.

ok but not much

i got stuck in it cause im a math science dude but it still was ok
------ p.s(lol)trials do sk