Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Rise and Fall

I like this game, because it's attractive and slightly new ideas are involved (although I've seen others just like it) but why'd you have to publish only a demo? A demo of the first three levels, and the full version you have to buy. That blows. This might have kept me entertained for weeks if it didn't end four levels early.


bugy and lagy.
when i end a level it says that i am out of time and lose a life. it has other buggs too. when the blocks come down its very lagy.

Nice one

This is a really cool game. I have played many games like this but I like the idea of getting the segments of the icons to complete the seperate areas.

i found it..... ADDICTIVE!!!

i love this kind of game and this one was good


This is a good puzzle game. I is a bit of the same old thing with a new twist. I do not like the fact that if you reach no more move but you still have special powers you die. The game is also stoped about half way through.