Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Very fun!


This game is great for people who likes puzzle games. Giving your brain questions is fun.. (in my own opinion)


i liked it and had a lot of fun.

Cute and simple

At least this got a Daily 5th Place (that's got to count for something here!). This is another occasion where it is different than what I thought it would be, for the better. While some people might complain about there not being any action, this works great as a puzzle game. It is just so satisfying to see those little pieces fly off the board onto the wood. While it might seem like a childish game, it is done well with really impressive graphics. I hope you guys keep coming up with great stuff like this.


I played this game on another site and it was great but I tried to play it here and it told me to upgrade to flash 7... i have flash 10 O.o any ideas?