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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

amazing and challenging

that goes ripple for lvl 11. i have figured out (to read other reveiws to get how) to beat the lvl. it just takes a long time.... still not complete, one generator gets fill, then another, then four go down, then two go up...

ITs good but...

Way to much waiting for things to happen, i like more control in my puzzle games


The visuals were great, I liked the levels with teleporters the best. But lvl 11... come on man... that was just brutal, figured it out, but that last damn bar would fill... and then dim... filll and then dim... left the game running for half an hour and nothing changed... bah!

Its a great game. (How do you beat Lvl.11?!?)

I think its a great concept!

Great gane

I thought this game was alot of fun, and you had multiplke elements to keep it innovative. Still, I got stuck on lvl 11 and couldn't proceed. Oh well.