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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

pretty cool

the sfx were a little annoying but enjoyed it.


It made my brain tingle! It was awesome! Great job! Very unique idea too! I should've customized the colors some of them just hurt my eyes.


very pretty and little details but i found it tedious after 5 levels

Level 11

I love games that are simple but yet make your brain workd. I also had trouble with level 11 (a little too hard if you don't have any tips). However, I searched and found some tips. I will try and create a little chart on how to set it up for anyone else having problems:

C = Collector
------- = Line / Gates
C | | C
C | | C
C | | C

Just set up all the lines / and collectors in those positions and keep tweaking it till enough sparks are in each little area. Then tweaks the lines so they can hit the collectors enough to charge them but not so close they explode.

Fun stuff

I'm usually not a big fan of simple puzzle games. But alot of thought and effort clearly went into this and it's pretty fun to play.

I liked the graphics too. BitmapData is fun eh? :D

Komix responds:


yeah, every working with it is extreme fun :-D