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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"


took me a minute to figure out how to start the game, but it was really cool! I couldnt beat the part where the engine or whatever was in the sandglass shaped thing, it was annoying but it was fun to try and think on how to do ev erything, thanks for the great game!!!

Great game!

great game, can figure out how to get past lvl 11 either... care to give us some tips?
i liked the brand new idea of the game... really fun, where did ya get the inspiration from? keep up the gd work!


makes you want to get to the next level just to see how its set up and the new gadgets you get

great game

i read some of the other reviews and... its surprising how many people don't read instructions.. but still people gave you decent reviews after playing only the first level.
neways it was an amazing game. very original idea and i really liked everything about it. although i never got past level 11 with the 6 collecters
i hope you keep up the good work



I really enjoyed this game although I didn't beat the one with 6 collecors. It had a new feel to it and the fact that sparks charged up every time the collided with something was a nice touch.