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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Nice imagination!

i thnik that was a little retry...

Great game, but with a lot of bugs...

The game is awesome and I liked the FX, but there is a lot of bugs in it sparks fly out of the sceen, walls also do that sometimes, and when I restart sometimes the background changes color!

I hope u fix these bugs...and keep up the good work!


i didnt like it but only becouse i didnt understand how to play it!! completed the first and second level but couldnt go beyond!

Very fun

This is a fun game. The author doesn't say it, but it was made for the Jayisgames Casual Gameplay Competition 3. This is one of my favorites in the competition. (Note: I am not promoting an outside website. I am simply stating as a fact that this game was made for that competition.)

sweet game!

it's a really original and fun game, i thought it was a little easy at first and then it got really complicated and challenging
i'm stuck on level 11 though, i thought my solution was really smart, i created a system to like circle them throughout the perimeter and hit collectors spaced evenly along the way, but sadly it's just not working, oh well i have an idea that if i make it out of triangles instead of boxes it might work better, well we'll see