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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Level 11 is HARD

ive been on it for awhile now...any hints?

great game though.

Tough but great

I just finished the game, and I must admit that level 11 caused a bit of trouble at first, but I finally figured it out.

It was a great game overall, visuals and audio were good. quite a brain teaser.
Now we just need more games like this.


cant beat 11 thers a bad bug in it

Quite the mind bender!

Man o man very tought game, i love it. only real complaint is that some times the colors are just oo much for me to look in and i have to restart to change them.

and level 11 is not broken or impossible, think tic tac toe but missing a row :)

figuring 14 right now, impassable bars to move around, i like where this is headed


But the 11th level is horribly glitched/broken/too hard. Seriously, no one seems able to beat it!

But the first ten levels is enough to justify at 5/5