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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

Too slow for me

After solving the puzzle, I still had to wait so I could proceed. This got me bored very quickly. Also, herding games like these have been done many times before. However, yours is the best so far. Still, I like the effort.


Very funny and addictive

I got some fun with this submission and you make me busy for 30 minutes.
Sometime the game is hard infact,i stopped at the 13th level because i got stuck :(.
By the way the game is good but it is very slow on my pc,you should make a version for slowers pc ^^.

Blinded by the colors

Well it was fun and challenging, but i got stuck at lvl 11 for a bit. The colors were a nice touch and the lvls itself was a bit of a challenge as it goes, more so on 11.

For those of you having problems on lvl 11, u just use 2 lines stretch completly across in the middle with the width of 1 generator and get all the sparks there and carefully separate the 6 generators, while diving the sparks so it powers all the generators, more so on the 2 ends then the middles. And since sparks would somehow fly out u can put a extra outer line layer to force it back in, and uh yea, it takes some time to get it right so good luck.

Really good

Its a good game, and really challenging. I also got stuck at level 11.


wat is this the waiting game...its good and everything just rly rly boring