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Reviews for "Strumzor"


just like guitar hero the way i like it nice!


WTF! cool game! awesome songs and play moves -but- very, very hard! I see you maybe try to make it a lil' somthing like Guitar hero, and rock band (guitar) but it just dosn't work on online com. vell maybe it would work better if you got some kind a' guitar in you own hands? but ofcourse you can't...
Anyway keep up the good work!!

very creative!

Its a very original idea with the concept of using the mouse to strum but it's rather flawed in that its so difficult to get the right time even with practice. a very good game though


nice i like how you made the guitar strum using the mouse

Hard... Very Hard

Response To EricDravenGTACrow: Dude, he seems very good at flash, probably better than you.

Nice game, way to hard though.