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Reviews for "Strumzor"

Too hard

May be just me but this is WAY to hard lol, perhaps you should introduce different levels of difficulty? Other than that it seems like this is a good game, so keep up the good work.

A well deserved 8.

Great Idea

This was a great idea for a game for the rock out contest, but I pretty much have the same thing to say as everyone else. It was definitely way too hard, I enjoyed that fact that you put one of my songs in there, but I also would've enjoyed getting to get to my song on the game haha. It does need to somehow be fine tuned so that it is at least a little easier, but as I said before, it is a good idea for a game, just needs some tweaking.

xD Wooooow.

That was great.
I only managed to get past the first level, though.
Fine tune it some and make it easier; I promise I'll play.
Nice idea, though.

good idea

i like the idea but you give us a hard song when we first start you should first start us off on a easy song and difficty setting becuse this is like getting someone that never played gh3 and having him play dragon force on expert

kinda wierd...

intuitive, but i couldn't get past 7% of the first song... make it a little easier to strum strings next time