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Reviews for "Strumzor"

Great but too difficult !

This is a good game and there is huge potential , I love new ways to play games and a challenge but this is a bit too much , it would be great to have a lower difficulty option , other than that the songs were good and the game is quite fun to play !

prpably ur worst

no offence but,this game stinks.1st level is way way way too hard.i give it a 1, 'cause i like the music & i got 7%.

Nice songs...

but way to hard. Try making sections,like you have to beat the easy songs to get to the medium and hard songs

If you made it like gutiar hero...

it would be great!Fun songs to play,good charting,but the sideways guitar and weird strumming make it almost impossible to play.I would give this a ten if it was GH/RB stlye,but with the way you made it,I say I'd give it a 3


Very good game in there points of view it's to hard so it deserves a zero they took everything else out of account (most of them) i will agree it's very hard but i cought on after a while and it does not deserve a 0 just because you can't beat it very good game.