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Reviews for "Strumzor"

to hard

way to hard for the first try

good idea

i like the idea but you give us a hard song when we first start you should first start us off on a easy song and difficty setting becuse this is like getting someone that never played gh3 and having him play dragon force on expert

Heres some advice.....

ACTUALLY MAKE THE OPTION TO CHANGE DIFFICULTY! Anyways I like the strumming bit, but its really really hard. XD

really hard

like the idea, but I just can't do it. You should make another like this only easy the player in or put a tutorial or something.


It was a really cool game, but it was very difficult at the start. I don't know if I missed a difficulty screen and went right to the most hardcore mode, but if not I think it's too hard to begin with. It needs to ease into things a little more. Other than that, sweetass game dude!