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Reviews for "Strumzor"

good idea goes to waste

The only reason i give you stars is that you made it too hard.
No seriously, wtf?!? Why isnt there a practice mode? And why the hell doesnt it
give me scores even if i play the notes right?!?
I see that it doesnt count the score if the lights are not on. But why the hell do they light when theyre in the MIDDLE of the pink boxTHEY DISSAPEAR INSTANTLY!!
Great idea though. My tip is that you could make them light earlier, cause elsewere, this game is just going to be too impossible. You should give the player more time to play them. And text that tells how good the player played them (perfect, exellent, good etc.)
But, with this way

yeah hard

i found it hard to play cause it didnt even load up sorry so i cant give you any hints or tips

Challenging, but fun game!

Very fun, but very challenging. I made the first 3 songs, but the last one i could not beat. Still, i loved the game, just a wee bit hard. Good work!


too hard make it more easy


This game is tooooooooooooooo hard! The first song overloads my computer so I cant even play it right, the controls suck, I'm sorry, but this just isnt very good....