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Reviews for "Ongaku"

VERY nice


nuff said.


That is an awesome game. I usually hate rhythm games, but, like you apparently intended, the scoop made it much more bearable. And a cool thing about it (since it's a music based game) is that holding those positions with my fingers reminds me of playing the guitar.

Really Great Game

This is a really good game. Its done very well. I like the style you used to create an atmosphere. Though. like always. there were small problems.

First the particles, they were a nice addition but really slowed down the game. Second was the syncing. It frustrated me when i wanted to get a high score on the later levels but I adjusted to it.

Some things to improve other then the problems are: maybe story development, more levels, better controls if possible, and a real broad range of music.

Perfect Score

Not a single thing you could change to make it better.

creative as hell

This is great. I loved the intro-the concept is very creative. Plus for the saving system and the tutorial. Really good job.