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Reviews for "Ongaku"

Just plain fun.

This game was incredibly fun! It had everything I wanted. A good story, good gameplay, a slightly customizable character, fun maps to play on, and best of all the ability to create your own custom levels with your own pictures! :-) You've created a masterpiece that is called the rythem game, and yes you shoulod make a sequel for the console dowloadable market.



Awesomely fantasticly great.

Best rythym game I have played yet. Laggy on my computer at some times. But thats because the computer im using is horribly old cause my other comp died. 10/10.

this game is awesome

but to bad i kinda sucked at it, the notes went to fast for me in the other songs
it was coll watching the painting appear as u play


Great game.
I just kept playing and playing 'coz the songs were cool.
Andd of course the game itself was very nicely done.