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Reviews for "Ongaku"


but you mispronounced ongaku, (if I remember correctly) there's no emphasis on "ga", it's ongaKU not onGAku.

But it's an awesome game, I enjoyed your coice of tunes, and the mechanics worked quite well. You took the general rhythim style of DDR, using ^>< and the sort, and added another difficutlty agent with the W S deal. oh joy!


this was very good. timing is pretty accurate.. but some times its the wave lengths that confuses you wen u go up or down, ur not sure if u hit it or not

It was Good.

It was relaly really fun, but the only thing i have a problem with is the fact that it is way too short of a game so fun and amusing. If you were to remake this game, please add many more songs because i was addicted and i played through this game fairly quickly, and was quite dissapointed when i bought everything and then there was nothing else to do. this game is a very good start, and we would be very pleased if you recreated to make and extended version. thank you


I found it to be an interesting game rly. i didnt do so well at it, but ah well. Its nothing like ive seem before, and good work on the odd story thing at the start :D

Didn't realise this was on Newgrounds.

I bought a copy of this at the MCM Expo in October. Didn't realise it was a flash game at all! Nice game, a bit of fun to play, and a good way to kill some time. The note timings seem to be a bit unforgiving, though, but on the whole, a good game.

I would recommend the newer, non-flash version, though, that was a lot of fun.