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Reviews for "Ongaku"

Great rythm game

This was certainly one of the better games in the Rock Out contest I have seen. It had somewhat of a story which was a nice change and played beautifully. The choice between scooping and hitting the notes was a cool addition which made Ongaku more varied and fun. I also found the level of difficulty to be perfect (just reached Gold Hall of fame =)).

As a console game I could definitely see this panning out well. The up and down movement would be perfect for a Wiimote or Sixaxis controller. Also, the achievement section is just begging for achievement points on the 360. With some more songs and possibly some power ups this game has much potential.

My only complaint is that using the W and S keys for up and down movement is a little awkward and I would have appreciated the ability to customize my controls. Otherwise, great game and thanks for the hard work!

Loved the game. very fun.

Very fun and unique music that i really enjoyed.

When is the DS version of Ongaku coming out?

No, seriously. Tell when you're going to get this made into a DS game.

pretty good

i liked how this was done with the story and everything. Nice music and pictures too, and controls of w and s were good.

i love this!!!

wow al i can possibly say is wow this game is incredible painting with music was only an anology before you made this great work its an honor to type this now please make anoth