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Reviews for "Ongaku"

lol >_<

5/5 but i couldnt play it good lol (i got a crap processor) still i enjoyed what i could befor i froze xD (not ur fault)

simply awesome

this game is great it not only uses the arrow keys, but going up and down and not to mention the health and scoop system which is golden.


This game is without a doubt brilliant! Good job!

Nothing quite like it.

Wow, this was something different. Controls were kind of hard to get used to, because I know the majority of people are into Guitar Hero (im one! :P), and we're all just used to holding down a button and strum, etc. But this. This was waaay different. This game is very creative, and is probly the only one of its kind.

Love the story behind all of this, and how the objective of the game is to paint paintings. It's fun to see how the painting looks like when you're done, except if you're a bad player, and it ends up looking horrible lol. But yeah, this was great. 10/10! :D


Ha ha
I am totally addicted to this... so..... entertaining..