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Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"


This is probably one of the best point-n-click adventures I have played. The story was really well through out, the different characters were interesting, the graphics were crisp and the music was good.

I am not sure why the "voices" were added but I am really glad there was a way to turn them off. Why not just have the "actors" read the parts instead of the very odd grunting and moaning that was going on.

Also, there was no closure to the creepy little spector girl that appeared twice in the game. Since there was no back-story for her and did not play in the solution of the game, she had no real reason for being there (She could have either been the spirit of someone who died on a ride or better yet, she could have been the love child between the clown and the Pete's niece - That would have been a funny little twist.)

All in all, this was a really fun game. Please make more.

kick ass

this is a relly cool game


this game is very good,the murder is pete nubhat....


I LOVE this game!!!! It's so addicting!

loved it

im speech less u should make a nother one