Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"


its very very very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnifico! Forte!!

meaning: magnific, cool!!
I know I won`t be neither the first one, neither the last one to say this, but I have to scream -- pardon me, type it out loud!
THIS GAME ROCKS MY SOCKS! i will be waiting for the sequel too now!
P.S. oh, so you didn`t put the hat because it coverd his face too much? Yeah, ur right! But that``s a typical icon of the `detective` lol.. what happened to the little girl though? O.o
Signed, the Italian Chick

I ruvs it!

It was awesome. The suspect was really unexpected!

Totally awesome

Hard to comment without spoiling anything... difficulty is well-adjusted, and the characters and clue make it a very entertaining game.


it glitched and didn't clear an innocent person
overall good