Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

Detective Game.

Wow ! That was a really good game !
It will be who you least expected ! haha. and what's up with the moustache. LOL . I laughed in that one.


very gj cant wait to see you'll come out with next

Very Fun

I really liked the point and click usage in this game. The drawings were very good. The only think is maybe if you decide on making a sequel is that give your story more depth - I mean maybe give the suspects more motive, or make more than one of them villains. But yeah great game.

its always the other way

Very fun game, very well thought, hope you come out with more, I'm having a lot of fun, so don't stop.


I LOOOOOOVE this game this was like the 4th time iv'e played and I still think it's awesome!!!!