Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"


make me think of a single person CSI XD


hey shadow the clue you were missing were books they were at mandy's place


Dude!!!! This is way beyond perfect!!! I originally played this game on another site,and now I found it here on NG...I so totally loved every second of this game!! The music is good especially in the end,when everything is fast paced and Grimoire solves puzzle by puzzle until the murderer is revealed! The animation was GREAT and amazing! Everything was perfectly drawn,hats off! oO

The gameplay was also good,yet due to the fact that most people got the ''Innocent'' mark too early [even before you could be totally 100% sure] and in the end only 1 remains,it was a bit TOO easy...=( But the story and atmosphere were beyond amazing and I guess you couldn't have chosen a better looking guy to be the protagonist of the game ;)

It was good that Grimoire was very skeptic about what many people said,but he isn't the old-school detective who tries to almost violently squeeze every last bit of information out of one...he is very kind-hearted and charismatic,yet sometimes he can laugh in a threatening way signalising: ''You,dude,can't lie to me!'' ;)

I think it was on Armor Games that I read a sequel is planned..I SO HOPE a sequel will come because this is really....ugh I can't describe it o_O I would explode lol And IF you are making a sequel make it a tiny bit harder,ok?? <_<
Keep up the brilliant work^-^


Awesome! Really well planned and thought, love it!

Pretty Good

Remembered this game last year but never tried it till now and finished it within 30min.