Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

High quality detective game

Superb plot, no glitches I could find (well, there wasn't anything that could cause them). Interesting characters that wasn't just the normal filler characters. A mystery that wasn't too hard, but still didn't feel too easy. Just don't keep it this easy, next time, go a bit more difficult.
The only thing that I felt was left undealt with was the little girl, perhaps in the next episode? The will be one, right?

All my 10 are belonging to this

This was just great I've never been big into detective stuff but this takes the cake. You rock


I loved it =D! Couple of scattered spelling errors, but other than that, flawless!
I'd love to see future 'episodes' of this game...mayhaps a series =o! (most def. would NOT kill the idea, it's pretty fresh around here...)
Just a couple of...'kinks'...I felt I had solved before I had finished talking to everyone and proving 'innocence', I sort of felt that was..."hand fed" (proving them innocent, at least)

On a completely different note, I'd LOVE to congratulate you on the most amazing still backgrounds I've seen in a Flash game! I loved the backgrounds, and how well they looked! They didn't have that flat "vector" look, they had a significant depth and feel to them. I was fun just to see how far you could push Flash's vectors (and it's hard to believe that it was all done in flash! Usuially, people make the still BGs in Photoshop, and just import them [then they look out of place with animated vectors on them XD!]).


Definitely one of the best games I've played on Newgrounds.
You guys should make games and sell them.
I'd buy.

Excellent fun

This is by far one of the best adventure games on Newgrounds. I figured out who the murderer was a bit early, but it was still fun presenting the clues to the suspects. I hope a sequel is in the works.