Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

I was blown away!

Amazing!This game rocks. This is probaly the best mystery game I've ever played. Also the girl in it I thought added a bit of mystery to the game. If you guys make a sequel you should give the little girl a bigger part instead of making her just giving information to you

Great game!

this feels like i'm playing one of those oldies adventure games. great nostalgic feeling! also, great plot. awesome.

very good

i think it tooke me almost an hour to complete it... it had a very well thought out story line, and the artwork was pretty good. It kept me interested in the game. And unlike those one games where you have to actually search the screen for the clue this one was easier to use in that area.. cant wait for your next one.

awesome game

i like the dancing charaters at the end


This game is really innovative with organization of notes. the interesting suspect personalititys are were so realistic. The creepy and runed-down enviroments are simply awesome. The way how pete managed this whole controversy was perfectly outstanding. I really suggest that you make a sequel to this game.