Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Comical Relief

Beautiful work, in the way I use beautiful, I mean, you did a great job with the game, I'm not supporting preist doing little kids.

Anyway, I'm not sure how people can find this offensive, because it wasn't made for that, I'm completely sure that you did this because of the crime hidden within the "church", I myself am an Atheist, but I found the overall concept of the game completely new.

I had to do an essay over my personal beleifs in school and I found this to be a greta example of corruption within a belief.

I'm going to have to ask youto make something like this again, out of the fact that I think you are a great artist and I don't want you to get denied the right to speak, once again, beautiful work.

I love the overall performance, I think you are an awesome animator, and I admire your work.

You don't have to have a religion to know that this is a flash truly for rememberance, and I truly hope to see more on these things on the FRONT PAGE.

Thats amazed me, placment on the front page with this, I thank the staff of Newgrounds for that aswell.

Thank you.


lmao good game! original in my opinion

i love everything. plot, screams of little kiddies, horny old men priests, intimidators.
the only problem that i have is taht in the medium level, the screen scrolls to the left and right. ok...its kind of hard to decipher which adult is schocked and heading towards the fone and those which are just roaming, since the screen is somewhere else and i dont get to see their faces all shocked and stuff. then again, i guess thats what makes the level not easy. and scrolling the mouse over everyone just to see 'status: schocked' is kind of time consuming cuz by then the police come on the other screen and bust a priest. kind of sad too taht you cant rescue a priest while hes just standing there with his hands in the air...*bad thoughts*
otherwise good game dude


hahah i loved it

easy was kinda hard, medium was hard, and hard was hard

its a very unique game though so maybe it wasn't hard and im just not used to it

anyway i like the game really great, very original. i liked how the little boys screamed

great game

true to life but too hard


funny as shit , we all know all religeons are lies , nice game man!