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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Very intruiging game!

While not the funnest game I have ever played, I like the idea behind this. And I love the priest when they say "Come here..."
Good job keep it up!

Poignant game of a serious issue

Good style, nice interactivity. Overall a good game. Takes some skill to master. Great way to shed light on a serious issue. I applaud you in your intestinal fortitude to make a game of this issue


Good realisation, love how church is mocked...

Sick but oh so true

First of all, I don't like making fun of any religion catholic, protestant, muslim, jewish, or other. That being said, its important to understand that this is not making fun of the catholic church directly, but rather their tendency to cover up pedophelia within the ranks of their priests. While the game is kinda sick (you're helping these guys get away with raping little kids) its political satire at its best. Hopefully this is a trend, where video games are becoming a new form of exposition and protest. But, uhh, next time could you choose something that's not so... disgusting.

Pretty disturbing actually...

I do have to admit that this is indeed one of the more disturbing works I've seen. The music does add to the tone of Divine Corruption if you will. The whole thing of seeing wheezing priests hump little boys while they're screaming out in the open is less than satisfying.

Still, the gameplay's got some neat ideas. Let's be hopin' that no one from the Vatican is getting any ideas from this.

Also I thought that whole scandal was years ago. Is it still going on now?