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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"


Heh, Catch that with the scores? Take a look.

Anyway, interesting gameplay there albeit very wrong on so many levels, it's also mildly funny and the strategy to the game is interesting as well.

But remember, Rape is bad, M'kay?


well i would just like to say that if priests are really rapeing children, its not a funny matter,
and a large number of people should not be judged by what few do.

i did not find this game to be funny in any way, but it was a well made game that approached a certain situation in a humerus way and deserves an 6.

Chaos anyone?

The idea itself was good, but it was too chaotic and it became impossible to keep up with everything after a while. Pretty frustrating game.


Ok, so the actual game mechanics & artistic value of this game is pretty high. It was a well made game but a very controversial one. Different people have different beliefs. I know this game was made out of humor, so I didn't take it too seriously. For anyone of those who are offended by this game, you don't have to play it. It is your freedom of choice not to play it & if you have a problem with such a game remember.. its only a game. The author who created this believes otherwise than you do if you are offended. Let him have that right to believe in anything he wants to. As for the game, I didn't find it too humorous. Even if the topic was changed, I would only find this game itself slightly fun. Nothing to hold my attention to.

yeah not bad but...

You didnt really do much. It was interesting, the graphics were good and it was quite amusing but the interactivity was fairly poor. On the subject of its controversy, get a life you goons. It is supposed to be a joke. Ok i feel sorry for victims of paedophilia, i even know one, but people who have been through that probably aren't stupid enough to play a game called "operation: pedopriest". I agree with the guy before me though, someone may sue newgrounds so concentrate on the game rather than the topic.