Reviews for "El Aurige"

Words fail me.

Most of your work evokes awe. Faving you and your art.

Kamikaye responds:

Oh many thx :D


That sky is trippy as acid and beautiful as Venus. WOW.

Kamikaye responds:

Haha thX :D


this is extremely impressive! the sky is gorgeous, holy shit! it's like astral hands to the right weaving elder-god majiks, sewing the very fabric of the universe together in perfect harmony!!

Kamikaye responds:

O__O thx :D


Im almost speechless... Im an artist too but I dont paint or darw(anymore)... I make music and it would be an Honor if you would even consider making me some art work for my album. If you wanna check out some of my work, go to the link on my profile. Hope you enjoy the music...



I really love your type of art, very evocative!