Reviews for "El Aurige"


IF you would be the guy who made avatar ,i might actually be watchable

Kamikaye responds:

:D Thx im glad to hear that. I fell asleep in the second half of the movie

Champagne Supernova?

I can't say how vivid and awe inspiring this is. It seems as if stardust is just pouring out of the heavens in waterfalls. I love it! And you did this in four hours ?! Dang, you must have watched a lot of "The Joy of Painting" when you were a kid. ;)

Fantastic piece of art, well done!

(however, I fail to see how this came to have a "Mature" rating...? Because the elves are being a bit cheeky out in their natural habitat? Could've received an "E" in my opinion, but its just a very minor gripe.)

Kamikaye responds:

Wow thx :)
I never watched "the joy of painting" , I saw "art attack" a few times after we got sattelite TV but it was more about making obkjects ;)

Yea I choose T because theyre naked. At deviantart people (americans ,christians) are really bitchy about theses things and you can get yourself a quick ban with a bum :D


thiss reminds me to the movie avatar

Another One

Another amazing and beautiful drawing by you keep up the good work.


Yeah, well all have to stay away from the color blue for a few years now to avoid being compared/accused to avatar. =[ This is very nice, good work.

Kamikaye responds:

Yea ... f*ck that movie. Ill stick with blue anyway. :D