Reviews for "El Aurige"

hey this looks like a movie...

Avatar? Thats it!

Kamikaye responds:

this was made years before the first avatar trailers. ;)


almost all of your works i have to add to favs! my words can not exprese the feelings and thoughts i have when looking at this drawing. 5/5 10/10


It take a MINIMUM of 4 hours to draw something that good.

So Much Depth.

This is easily your best piece in my opinion, and by far my favorite. The colors and composition of this piece are immaculate, truly realistic and breathtaking. I feel as though the stars and the illuminated night sky are right there in front of me. The way they are shown as light, and perfectly colored, amazes me.

My only issue with this picture, after trying my best to find one - was scale. The picture seemed too long for my taste, as if it didn't have enough fill, and it was a thin, light piece. I think adding an extra tiny amount of the horizontals would have made it better.

Other than that (Me being picky), your image is perfection. It paints a story in ones mind, as all your pictures tend to do really. I feel as though this picture, more than any other, speaks volumes of a novel-like creation. I believe it's imagery like this that creates writing and books, and starts peoples minds. Its fuel really.

I don't know how this didn't get 1st place, must have been submitted on a rough day. 3rd place does this no justice. Its worthy of so much more, but all your art is. Just keep up at this rate, and your going to get noticed more. Have you ever considered drawing 'portrait' style pictures, rather than landscape? Or, just not your thing. I think you could do it well.

I love it.


heaven or space.