Reviews for "El Aurige"


Personally, i think its great. But I just don't get the better than Avatar thing. To me this picture is all about the pursuit of beauty and so was the movie Avatar. So instead of seeing no comparison, recognize they're one in the same and not because of the colors.. Actually, when I think of Avatar i think of green anyways, because of all the trees and nature was where the beauty lay. I like this picture though because it looks like the cosmos opened up to pour out into the elves' world like a waterfall, the trees look like they're crying and the clouds look like they lead to "the heavens". I don't quite understand the elves though, but art isn't meant to be understood, i suppose. Definite, 10/10


that picture looks very beautiful!
how long it took to do that?
looks better than avatar!
well, sorry does not compare!

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :)
Took about 4 hours.


Thats where I wana go....

Wow it looks like avatar awsome work!

man thats amazing I'm entering mine soon hope you guys like it

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :)


this painting conveys a message i cant decipher

Kamikaye responds:

:) The intended message is beauty longing