Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Good Game.

I really liked the game. It was a cool twist on a game i personally love. To all the people that said that the spawning wasn't fair. In all of my games we both had the same number of pieces. The only random part was when they were spawned and where they were spawned. Also as long as you had defense around your king and you didn't spawn the graves around him then your king was safe. Anyway i like the game and i hope you make more, but if you remake this game make the queens attack animation cooler.

Chinese Dark Chess with a twist

Exact same rules, but I do like this.

It was ok.

I like chess and that jazz. But this game just seemed too much like pure-luck. I realize that there's still strategy involved, but it's not really that complicated. It's kind of like Black Jack. Sure there can be some skill in Black Jack, figuring out when to hit and when not to, but ultimately the luck of the draw determines if you win or lose. That's what I felt like when playing this game.


that wasnt so hard, actually quit easy, even on the hardest lvl

to ice-jinx: if u cant even win this game u shud stick to pacman or something like that, this is real easy , just gatta make some strategic moves and dont let ur big shots get killed while protecting ur little ghosts.

nice game


Never before I had been so pissed off at a game. Its just so fucking bullshit how 23084798 peons spawn right besides my king, besides other bullshits. I haven't won a single game, and I doubt I will at this rate, when the computer gets all the good pieces while all I get is peons and bishops.