Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

its ok

but 50:50 chance? thats bs, more like a 90:10 chance.
id get a unit every 5-7 turns while the comp got one almsot every turn.
you need to fix that up, that makes the game really suck.
all my 1 belong to this.

Really cool!

This is REALLY awesome, it isnt really chess, you just got the idea of this from it, theres no problem with that. Great work!


you probably worked really hard on this so i won't shit ALL over it, but it was a little lame, decent concept, I gave it a five.

Not bad

I just have one little problem with the gameplay. If you lose your king and queen in a fight then theres no way you can kill his hellfire queen. Sure pawns could kill the king but then the queen is top of the food chain so you might want to add a way to still win.

A lot like Chinese Chess

Nice game. It's a lot like Chinese Chess though where all the pieces are flipped over and you flip them over to see what you get and etc.. It was really fun to play and addictive :P Was playing when my gf came out of the shower and she asked 'what the fuck is that sound?' XD Anyways, I like your sketchy animation and drawing, it's very nice and adds an eery tone to the game. Could use a bit more blood though and nicer attack animations on some of them. My favorite is the mummy going "uhhh" and then the piece he faces turns into a puddle, lol. Keep up the good work man, now excuse me while I go smash some ghouls.