Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

This game is so much fun that I'm making a board game version of it ... With Free World Studios' approval, of course! I mean... Genuinely fun game. Even my 7-year old loves it because the aspect of hidden players makes it exciting and somewhat random, so even he feels he has half a chance against a more strategic opponent.

very ambitious game its like battleship meets chess and checkers but with no balancing im sure their were more AI units on the board this combination hasn't worked very well though and the attack chain makes it more confusing how certain units cant attack others

So its like chess, because its on a board? Moving past that, theres too much luck involved. 1 of the first 11 pieces were mine, 7 out of the whole board. no amount of skill is going to win that. if i wanted to play a game where the odds are against me before i start, id go to the casino

NTPGMR here(new alias, you can call me stick08, stick01, or NTPGMR). Guys, does any of you at all think of the good in games or read the Author Comments? I see people saying 'It's not Chess, it's not Chess.' and they are wrong. Read carefully here: "This game is based on Chinese chess (a variation call blind chess), but has distinctly different rules to western chess. Make sure you read the instructions it the game before you play." That means it isn't like Chess where I try to Checkmate the King, but rather hope for a good piece (luck), and then use the piece appropriately (strategy). Stop saying this game is not chess, because it is a type of chess.

I am not much into chess, but I really did like this. I think it's mostly because I learned how to play it as I went along. I appreciate you wanted to put some pretty good graphics into this. It was hard to know how to command my minions to kill the enemies. I mean, they weren't doing anything at first. I didn't know how my enemy was doing it.

I thought it was automatic for them at first. It's weird how I was red. That's usually a color reserved for the enemy. While it wasn't that detailed, it was still quite nice. I'll probably never learn how to play real chess.