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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"


Never before I had been so pissed off at a game. Its just so fucking bullshit how 23084798 peons spawn right besides my king, besides other bullshits. I haven't won a single game, and I doubt I will at this rate, when the computer gets all the good pieces while all I get is peons and bishops.

Pretty fun though it has a few weak points

It's quite a fun little game if you need to waste some time. I find it slightly flawed though for the one thing with the power level of 5 can only be killed by the most powerful ghoul. Take time to kill the pawns, and you're pretty much garunteed a win. Even the 'genius' level was pretty easy. Other than that, it was an interesting take on the basic chess game. I enjoyed it.

Good idea but I would prefer normal chess

I thought it was real hard and confusing and the computer always gets the good spawns, but honestly a idea like this would go good in normal chess and it would be a load of fun

really sux

one of the worst games ive played. its like impossible to beat "genious" with perfect spawns.
luck = 99% skill 1%
add more special moves to the game, but so far its one of the most uninteractive games as well as one of the worst and more annoying ones ive ever played.

freeworldgroup responds:

buddy, if you can't spell genius, then you've got no chance of beating a game like this at genius level, sorry.

Great Game

Great game has given me something to do other than work. I felt the need to post something just to remove that rather large post before mine. That seemed like it was written by someone who has nothing better to do than whinge. I look forward to more of your games. Only gave it 0 for sound because I have no sound.