Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

too largely based on luck

you have an excellent idea, but the game is too largely based on luck to hold any real strategic sense to it,

comment's down there, bub

i have no idea how this got daily 3rd place. there's a 50% chance of winning. there's no skill involved. i've taken some time to figure out how this game works and here it is: each side gets the same number of each piece. they get one king and more pawns than all the other pieces. the king can't kill pawns. the queen can only be killed by the king.
analysis: the king has a good chance of getting the one piece that can kill him and he can't kill right next to him. the queen is the best piece but if you're out of pawns(which happens very fast) and the other person has a king, your screwed.
suggestions: take this game off of newgrounds. if you have it on any cds, break all of them into four pieces and scatter the pieces across the universe. if chuck norris played this game he would be 0.000003479% less awesome.

Very addicting game!

I played it and got hooked, it's fun and easy to play.


Not to sound immature but this is cheap. Dude, the CPU can do moves i couldnt. A rook could hit diagonally, i couldnt. The king could hit nearly everywhere, i couldnt.

Excellent Chinese Hidden Chess Game

This flash game is an excellent creation based upon the Chinese Hidden Chess which is rarely known to the Westerners. The Chinese Hidden Chess are played with the normal Chinese Chess pieces and board; however, all the pieces are mixed and placed upside-down to hide their identity. The rules of the Chinese Hidden Chess are the same as per this flash game introduced.

In general, an excellent chess game designed into a gothic and necromancia style.