Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"


This band make slipknot actually look good (which is saying something!) If you know them personally tell them to stop playing, the world doesn't need any more reel big fish clones.


Scince the singing was utter crap I couldnt tell if this was a song targeted against SlipKnoT , but if it is then hows this for a tough one. If no one likes them how come they sold over millions of albums and the only thing that comes up on a search of "The Unabombers" is a crazy killer. Besides "the unabombers" so called website only has about 9,000 hits , so dont set your standards to high. Because with your voice , i bet you couldnt even bash Simple Plan; seriously though. Stay Local Guys , we dont wanna hear ya.


I'm a Slipknot fan, but the last post just makes you hate most other Slipknot fans who happen to be complete idiots.
Anyway, t'was alright, the ebaumswold sucks thing is WAY better though, Lowtax looks so cool in it


This flash didn't feel right. It was meant to be a music video of something more than funny, and it seemed to fall apart. I didn't get what was going on, as there wasn't too much else besides the flashing screens. No Colin's a problem, as is no Jay Jay. This flash shows that you need good odd japanese music to make a good flash in this style.


ok this was weird. wats with the little blokes in nappies? anyway, good music, weird video as always, and to all the arseholes who didnt like it cos "its got nothing to do with slipknot"... you missed out on a great video cos of your narrow-mindedness.