Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

not to good

serioiusly work on ur material man

tehehehehe... lipsnot

Wow, I can't believe you made fun of a local band.
But anyway. It was good. That dude is a freak, especially with his head on Peter Pan's body. This had three major good points. They were the fact that it was an animutation (always a +), the words "lipsnot", and Peter pan with that dude's head on it lying on a rock.
Lol, it was 1337.

Sucks to be you

I mean , to have such shitty local music

A true honor to have as a music video

The Unabombers must be so proud.

Like the previous reviewer, I like this one too. Ya got some good graphics and really stepped down to more traditional stuff. I think "Do The Mario" was your worst, not this one.

Unlike some other people...

I actually enjoyed this particular Animutation...unlike the thoughts of some other people. The music is excellent (Even for an indie group), the fact that Unabombers members have appeared in other Animutations is a neat homage to his older works too! But the funniest part was at the end...does anyone know what the heck that japanese text at the end says?

Unlike his older works (well, post Lesko's Revenge), for some reason I think Neil forgot the controls! Man oh man, if only there were actually sublimital messages we could pause for!

But still, even though it doesn't have Colin Mochrie in it (you've dipped into those waters before, *coughdothemariocough*, it was still a pretty neat acid trip! Some people think this is Neil's worst work, but I think it's one of his best! If it was actually that bad, it should have been blammed by now.