Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

Er, Neil...

I love your work, but this was so... strange. I didn't blam you because I'm too nice to.... @_@... but I gave you a two, I think. I'm giving you an overall score of four becuase your worth it. o.-


tell me where you live so i can go kick your ass one day


I like Slipknot alot, but the flaming of the band was funny. Referring to other people who reviewed, since their obviously maggots. If the real band members of Slipknot were to see this animutation, I doubt they would trip out and go ape-shit. So why should you? o.O; yeah. :D

how gay

that sucks omg just thinking of it makes me want to puke.. i watched about 15 seconds of it and had to get rid of it

this was bad. very bad.

the song was terrible, and I only gave you a 4 in humor because one picture in this was worth about half a chuckle. sorry if I seem too critical, but I just didn't like this movie.