Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

Dang, you were so prolific back then! I can't believe you've been gone for so long. This wasn't one of your best, but still good. It's mostly because of how unpredictable it is. I don't know if Colin Mochrie was in this. I liked the hand with the nail.

You always did come up with different things for that. I liked the ending credits too. I wish I knew what they said in English. This song itself was English too, right? I guess they're not the same as Slipknot.

Another great Animutation.

First of all the loading bar was hilarous so good start there,as for the video it was rocking crazy and i couldn't believe the drummer when i saw him totally insane but funny as hell.

It's incredibly awesome!

Matthew Lyons-Evans uses an old picture of himself from the cover sleeve of his band Solo Act's debut album, One Summer in Paradise. He even states his date of birth as October 28, 1979, when it's actually October 28, 1960. And it says Massachusetts license, but he's actually from Wales! He is the forefounder of many things, from profane mamma jokes in the street, to using a black-and-white avatar in a colored background, to making up suffixes like "iggedy" and "izzle," to today's use of fake ID's, and back again! There's just one problem... NO GIBBERISH! But after all, this was from a local band. And LemonDemon is also a fave of mine. God Bless America!


i dont know why people are trashing this movie! its great! the song was great too!
i tried to use the link but it did'nt work! but great flash! btw what was with the hand in the right bottom corner?

hey they sound like

reel big fish :P nice work it didnt seem that psychotic but it sure was creepy