Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

Ohhhh Damn It!

This is one of your less better creations. : (And why in the world were the credits like in Jpanese of something?

hahaha...my favorite


...Sorry but...

This wasn't exactly a great animutation thingy. x3
The music was good though, however, I'm a Slipknot fan.. but whatever, opinions are opinions and I'm not going to lower points because I don't like the topic, I gave it a rating upon it's quality, which wasn't that great...O.o

this is terrible

i cant tell if it dissing slipknot or not...the are gewd...and the humor was terrible...i wud rate the credits funnier then the video.


i love slipknot and if this was supposed to be a tribute in some sorta way atta fuck it up....i love slipknot and this gives them a bad name