Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

this is what i think

The music is awful,the animation sucks, and i fuckin love it


Yup i remeber when my brother (the guy on the trumbone for like 1/2 second) would have them over so thaey could practice in the basment boy they sucked back then but yea this was wicked funny probobly more funny since I knew them. This type of animation makes things really chaotic to the point where your laughing at nothing and thats funny

Complete and utter rubbish.

exactly what it say on the tin. ^^^^

Personally I liked it.

Well I dunno why, but I like this flash. The song is pretty cool too. The graphics were'nt all that great cause most of em were pictures with kinda bad quality.. i dunno. Ah well. Peace

what drugs

i need to kno what drugs make this effect happen realy i am not kidding