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Reviews for "Amberial"

Excellent, but so much left to be desired...

First, as always, the synopsis:

Graphics- Who cares? It's not an animation, it's a game. For those, you want to have good...

Style- 9.4 (Sound 6.3): Simplistic, yet engaging. Very reminiscent of retro games like Pac-Man and Galaxia in the brain-numbingly repetitive tunes and and minimalistic levels. The sound, as well as it fits in, is so, so, SO annoying that a mute button would have been optimal. No matter what, remember some people always want to listen to their own music while playing. Some small steps in adding creativity to a tired concept with small things, like turning the ball in accordance to moving it (pretty mesmerizing, btw)

Violence- 0.4. Poor lava-tized ball.

Interactivity- 7.7. Yeah, yeah, on a normal game this would easily get a 9.3 or something, but the fact is that this is someone with great skill performing a boring, monotonous concept. As must competent flash designers do, you brought something new to the idea, but the fact stands that the idea is still old. For examples of games based on moving a ball around various obstacles, see the Ball Revamped series, Wreckanoid, Gravity Pinball Challenge, and the classic Gyroball. Yeah, a lot.

In reality, this game is riddled with bugs, but none of them are conspicuous enough to really affect gameplay. A few examples are that; a) in Purple Hike, if you position yourself correctly and hot the upper-right hand of the screen, the level, just, ahh..., vanishes. b) Also in Purple Hike, the ball can occasionally hit two of the closely congregated targets and spiral off in a weird direction, and c) sometimes, you can fly over the top of a spike, and not get pooped.

Primarily, the main focus of the complaints seem to have been level design. I found them to be quite good actually, but given the lack OF levels, it's not enough to compensate. However, luckily for you, the sheer amount of obstacles and gadgets did reconcile this fault. Unfortunately, it also seems like a shame to see such awesome things as a giant, circumnavigating laser and a gravitational inverter be used only once. if you don't want to design more levels, or can't design better, more difficult ones, try giving the audience the chance to do what exactly what they want themselves, and introduce a level designer.

A level designer, is, quite frankly, the best thing that could happen to this game. They can take games with horrible level design and make it great by letting people play each others levels (See: Paintball: The Game). This would give everyone else a chance to see how else a gravity inverter could be used, and it's uses, etc. Sure the user could design backgrounds and have as much power as you do in creating levels, but they can place objects, and that's all they need.

I enjoyed seeing more than one path through the game. If somebody got stuck (unlikely, but still), they could follow another path. But, if you completed them all, you get more levels. Sweet.

Humor- 0.1. Yeahhh...

Overall: 7.7. If I hadn't done this so many times before, this would have been much better.

If you do make a sequel (I'd advise first making something much more innovative and 'yours' with a fresher concept, but if you do...), make sure to include some better replay value. The 'aces' tried to add replay value, but were so easy to get they failed pretty badly. Thus, try for a level editor, the ultimatum of replay value.

In conclusion, you have definite talent, but lack originality. Work on introducing a better premise, and you could easily win the best game of the month.

~ Earthsea

P.S. One big thing I forgot. This is a platformer. I would have liked it much better as a side-scroller, like your menu screen.

P.P.S. Yeah, some text was cut off (Crystal Fortres? Hmm?). Watch that.

Oddgoo responds:

First, i want to thank you a lot for writing such a extensive review, I do take into account every word and suggestion.

More levels would`ve been added if i had more time, but this was done for the Armor Games Contest, so the last day i was just squeezing everything in :p.

I hope you look at my next games and be able to say how much more innovative they are, as i have the same feeling, before creating a sequel, making something much more mine and fresh.

Lots of "thank you"s !

Wonderfully Addictive!

I beat it and aced everything, and can conclude one thing. This game is of perfect balance. A little more mind teasing puzzles might be nice, maybe having Aceability on the bonus levels and one final tongue biting level at the very end could be cool, but this game is awesome.

The obstacles you come accross are self explanitory, the concept is great, you add in the right ammount of guidance, and allow the user to choose just how committed to be to the game.

Things to considder for the sequel may be things like new environments. High winds, under water, swaying maps, earthquakes perhaps? I'm sure the sequel will be something even more spectacular. Awesome work though.

Oddgoo responds:

I really appreciate getting reviews like this, where i can truly see what the player saw and felt while playing.

Those tips or wishes are really taken into account for the sequel !

Simple and addictive

Not too hard, not too easy, just right. Very addictive, can't wait for amberial 2!

Oddgoo responds:

I`ll work on it!

pretty cool game

the graphics wer a little bit bad but it still was a good game
after a little while the game dose get a bit hard, but that is what keeps me playing. keep it up

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you!

Immense, loved it

took me a while to get past some of the levels but it was worth it for thet big song and dance at the end. found all the Ace tokens quite easy to find. no glitches that i could see. more levels would be GREAT. 2nd part maybe. v good though.

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you! ill work on a second part