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Reviews for "Amberial"

love it. nice job.

its clean, interesting, beautiful, challenging and all around an awesome game. i love it, and you should make more. make ten more. youve just got so much creativity in creating these levels, that i cant wait to see more of the same (and of course, with new stuff all over the place)

Oddgoo responds:

I appreciate this very much


Not extremely hard but not extremely easy either, perfect great game


that is very good it took me ages but its still really good whod of thought a game about a rolling ball would be good and so addictive?

Become A [Pokemon] Amberial MASTER!

Fun, fun, fun!

I couldn't rest until I heard the serene sound of "Ah!" 12 times (regardless of how many times it took).

The "4" in humor is there--you just have to be willing to laugh at yourself and your own mistakes while getting the hang of this... coin thingy. ^^ (especially on level 12. The laser isn't the most dangerous thing to worry about... watch out for those first 2 spings that can lower a fast-falling "coin thingy" intothe red and black depths of "death" in 2-second's notice!)

Good job on this one Armor Games & OddGoo.

An Ambrial fan,
-Tiger M

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you TigerM. I too found the "A" sound relaxing.

Thank you for playing and writing a review!

its like CRACK!!!

oh my god i am addicted. MORE LEVELS! ive beaten all of the levels and i want MORE! i even played it again in losethegame .com just so i could play through again. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you !! Amberial II will arrive later this year =)