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Reviews for "Amberial"

Link the soundtrack already!

Classic arcade game but challenging.

I didn't find this game to be that enjoyable, mostly because I'm no good at it. At least you had an interesting and fairly original premise. I liked how there were a lot of different objects and how they all seemed to affect you differently. It was nice to have such a challenging game. The worst part is probably not knowing when you have even won the level. The graphics, while not that detailed, are still nice.

It's just fun to try to control something that you have such limited control over. I had no idea the platforms themselves were going to help me like that. The sounds are pretty cool too. At least this managed to achieve some popularity. It's fairly unique for what it is.

got all 15 aces:)

Game was incredibly fun. Only hard levels were : When I was reallllly bad, and the very very last level. God that was HARD. Other then that great game.


I give you a ten. Just coz you called me a master. Onto the next one, then!

ps: I also liked the game.